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A & I Physio can provide you with the best in therapeutic items to help in you continue your recovery process. These items are available for purchase.

Sideline Supafix

Hypoallergenic adhesive under dressing to be applied directly to sensitive skin before strapping tape is used.


Sideline Hand Tearable Tape

Elastic adhesive bandage with lightweight construction for increased comfort and ease of application.


Premium Rigid Tape

Rigid sports tape is used post-injury during sporting activities. When applied in the correct manner, the tape provides support to muscle and ligament injuries, allowing athletes to return to their favourite sports with more confidence.


GripIt Tape - Assorted Colours 5cm

Elastic adhesive tape designed for the Kiesio Taping Method wich offers re-education of the neuromuscular system, improves circulation and provides pain relief.

$22.00 per roll

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