About Dry Needling                    

Physiotherapists use dry needling to reduce pain and improve function of the affected area as part of normal patient management. This procedure is an effective tool for the treatment of osteoarthritic joints and soft tissue injuries (e.g. sports injuries). Dry needling involves putting sterile needles into a range of specific points in the body and creating “chi” energy to promote faster healing and return to normal function.

Stimulating the ‘trigger point’ and treating the pain associated with injuries are the main objectives of dry needling. A trigger point is a soft spot in a tight band of muscle that causes pain when pressed. Our experienced therapists will target these areas to provide a quick relief.

Does It Hurt?

Dry needling uses a thin filament needle, causing very little discomfort to patients with healthy muscles. Patients may feel a so-called ‘twitch response’, a sensation similar to a muscle cramp, if their muscles contain multiple active trigger points. Our practitioners use proven techniques to minimise the pain and ensure the best results. You’ll feel comfortable in our properly ventilated and fully equipped clinic located at 51 Fulham Road, Pimlico, Queensland.

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