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Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS)

A & I Physio Rehab Clinic is pleased to offer the latest treatment techniques to assist with your injury.

A & I Physio is one of the few clinics in Townsville that have this machine at their disposal to offer quality care to patients. Real time detects echoes of the high frequency sound waves which allows the machine to form an image of your muscles and tendons showing you exactly what the muscle is doing in “real time”

Used in our clinic for musculoskeletal purposes, the Real Time Ultrasound allows us
 to visualise superficial anatomy in high resolution.

Currently our main use for the RTUS is for identifying correct muscle contraction of the deep core muscles Tranversus Abdominus (TrA). We use this most commonly for low back pain patients. We also use it as a screening tool prior to Clinical Pilates sessions.

Another feature the Physiotherapists can use the Real Time Ultrasound for is it can be used to view suspected muscle or tendon tears or help recruit muscle activation (not just the TrA).

A & I also have the capacity to save each patient to the system – freeze and save views. This acts well as a measurement tool and also showing the patient how they have improved over time

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